Free Printable baby shower games



Free Printable Baby Shower Games
by Alice Smith



If you are looking for a free printable baby shower game or two then you have come to the right place. In addition to the free printable baby shower games we will also share some additional free baby shower game ideas that you may want to use.


Baby shower hosting tips

There's nothing quite like celebrating the arrival of a new baby.  If you are hosting a baby shower for a close friend or loved one you need to consider that this baby shower will be one of the highlights of the prospective momís life. Yes, it really is that important. We have nine children and with each child a baby shower was given by a friend or relative. Please donít take this the wrong way, because we appreciated all of them but some showers definitely stood out as more memorable than others. Thatís ok because that helped us when we had to plan a few baby showers of our own. I want to pass what I have learned along to you so you can avoid some of the most common mistakes a hostess will make. For the sake of this article we will be primarily focusing on baby shower games.


Baby shower games

Baby shower games at your baby shower can really add or detract from the event. Before starting the baby shower games, it is always a good idea to go around the room first and as an ice breaker have everyone introduce themselves and how they know the expectant mother. The baby shower games will continue to break the ice and get everyone laughing and relaxed.


We will cover the most popular games and themes as well as some new and creative ideas to add some excitement to the party.  Don't choose complicated games or a game or activity that requires a lot of explanation.


Some funny drawing games that are always a hit are to have the guests draw what they think the baby will look like, or draw a "family portrait" of the mother to be with her family. 


Remember to hold on to the written games and drawings so the mom can keep them to either share with her husband and the rest of the family or if she would like to include them in her memory or scrap books.  Guessing games are also a lot of fun and don't require much in the way of supplies. There is also the games of questions.  For example, ask a series of questions about the mother to see which guest knows her best. Bingo games can be comprised of the mother's family names, the kinds of gifts she receives, or even baby names.  Baby shower bingo games are fun and something that just about everyone is familiar with. Your games and the stories your friends will be telling will keep this special day a vivid memory for years to come.



Quality games


A word of caution: If you are going to use free baby shower games, make the extra effort and use good quality printing products. Nothing says cheap and cheesy than games that are printed on poor quality paper with a low grade inkjet or bubble jet printer. Use a paper weight of between 16 and 25 lbs. The whiteness should be at least 80+ and the printing should be done on a laser printer. If possible you should copy the file to a memory stick and take it to your local printer. In my opinion the free stuff isnít worth the hassle, I would go to baby shower games and get some professional looking games there. Itís not very expensive and it will make a good impression on your guest and the new mom-to-be.


Game Ideas


Pin the diaper on the baby 
Using a large poster board and a magic marker, draw a large picture of a baby. On a separate piece of paper, draw and cut out a picture of a diaper and stick double sided tape on the back. Blindfold your guests and have them try to stick the diaper on the baby's bottom. The person closest to the intended target wins. There is an alternate version called ďPin the Pacifier on the BabyĒ found at 


A day in the life of a new mom

Give guests a series of challenges to complete (diaper the baby, fold laundry, change the crib bedding ...) and have guests shout out distractions (such as the phone is ringing, dinner is burning, the baby woke up). Time the guests to see who completes their challenges the quickest. TIP: if you use the ďdiaper the babyĒ example above, use cloth diapers. Many moms have no idea how to use cloth diapers and it can really be funny. You will want a video camera rolling when you do this one.



Feed the baby

This is a really funny game, I even adapted this for a church picnic we had because the game is a riot. Have one partner be "the baby" and the other partner be the parent. See who can feed an entire jar of baby food, using a small spoon, to their partner the fastest. For added laughs, make the "parent" hold the spoon in their mouth while playing and make them hold their hands behind their backs! You'll want to take pictures of this one!



Diaper stacking

Start by having folded up crib bedding on the bottom of the stack to make it more stable and decorative then have guests compete to see who can stack diapers the highest without them toppling over.



5 and 10

Give guests 10 seconds to name 5 things in a selected category (such as baby food flavors, baby bath items, things in a diaper bag, crib bedding sets things moms tell their kids). To make it more challenging, have a set list of replies on an answer key and only award points when the player's answer matches what you have.


The Baby Alphabet game

Start the game by saying a baby related item that starts with A for example Apron for crib bedding Have the person next to you continue with a B like Baby shower game, the next person with a C item like Crib bedding and so forth. If a player cannot give an item within a couple seconds during their turn, they are out of the game. Keep going until one player remains. This gets tricky after a few rounds, especially with Q, X and Z items!


Free printable shower games

Make your own crossworld puzzle, print and have guests try to solve.



Make a printable maze and adapt it to the baby shower




One final thought is that baby shower games should also have prizes.  The winning guests can choose from grab bags or the attendants can hand out presents as the baby shower games end.



Have fun and enjoy your shower!