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Themed Showers - Cute Farm Animals for Unknown Sex of Baby

Shown here are the Invitation (LEFT) and the Thank You Card (RIGHT) with the Envelopes

Farm Animal Invitation, Envelope and Sticker Sets

$12.95/Set of 10

Quantity :
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Text Line 2 :
Text Line 3 :
Text Line 4 :
Text Line 5 :
Text Line 6 :
Text Line 7 :
Text Line 8 :
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Farm Animal Invitations

Announce the shower with our Farm Animal personalized invitations and envelopes complete with matching adorable Farm Animal stickers!

Flat panel card measures 5" x 7" comes with envelope and sticker to seal the envelope!

You supply the wording, we supply the rest!

Remember the RSVP details.

Don't forget the "Registered at . . ." info! We'll place it discreetly in the lower left or right hand corner of your invitation!

Minimum (2) sets of 10.

(INV 305)


Upscale Hand and Body Lotion

$3.95/Each Fabulous Favor



Text Line 1


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Text Line 4


Name of Mom (and Dad) to print


Shower Date (to print)


Scent Preference



Hand and Body Lotion - Farm Animal Collection

Delight your guests with this adorable baby shower party favor gift. This fabulous lotion leaves your hands and body with a silky soft feeling that is non-greasy. Your guests will think of you every time they apply this delightful lotion.

Animals are made up of the pig, cow, duck and chicken. Bottles are colorful in pink and blue. Assorted ribbons come in yellow, green, blue and pink. Lotions are scented in "Sugar and Spice" and "Gentle Breeze." Personalized to your specifications, each favor comes tied with a colorful bow.

Our lotions are formulated especially for ~ Gentle Breeze is light and airy. Sugar and spice is vanilla with a hint of cinammon. Our lotions come with both scents; however, if you prefer one over the other you can choose this and we will be sure to meet your request!

Minimum Only 16 Bottles

(LFA 600)


Cute Farm Animal Water Bottle Labels

$5.95/Set of 5 Characters

Quantity :
Name of Mom (and Dad) to print :
Shower Date (to print) :
Additional Wording :

Assembly Required.

Water Bottle Labels and Ribbon - Farm Animal Collection

Who doesn't enjoy the refreshing taste of bottled water? Here's a unique way to personalize each bottle to your baby shower - We supply the labels and the ribbon - you assemble! It's that simple. They make a lovely presentation.

Animals are made up of the horse (some say it's a donkey, controversy is still out on this one folks), the cow, pig, chicken and cute duck.

Labels fit tall and short water bottles!

Water bottles not included. Some assembly required.

4 sets minimum

(WBL 600)


Cute Farm Animal Salt-Filled
Baby Block Favors


Name of Mom (and Dad) to print:
Shower Date (to print):


Salt-Filled Baby Block Favors - Farm Animal Collection

Cuteness beyond anything! Delight your guests with these baby blocks filled with our Luxurious Bath Salts. Each side of these adorable baby blocks has a different image: A stroller, a baby bottle, "B", "A", a baby bootie, and a teddy bear. The side with the teddy bear has a recloseable lid which allows for use after the salts have been enjoyed. The block is 2" square and is able to act as a holder for buttons, spare change, safety pins, etc.

Personalized to your specifications, each favor comes with a personalized tag, tied with a matching bow.
The image of a sheep adorns the custom tag which compliments the Farm Animal Collection nicely.

Minimum 20 salt-filled blocks

(SKA 602)

Salt Jar Favors

$2.29 each
Now $2.19 each

First Names to Print on Label:
Date of Shower to Print:


Farm Animal Bath Salt Favors in Sweet Little Jars

Delight your guests with our bath salts in these sweet little jars! Our farm animal collection comes with the name of your Mom-to-Be and her due date!


Minimum only 20!

(MJA 602)

Suggested Wording:


Name of Mom's
Baby Shower
Date of Shower


Welcome Baby!

Cute Farm Animal Candy Bar Wrappers (Mini) Favors

$5.95/Set of 15 Wrappers



Name of Mom (and Dad) to print

: 's Baby Shower

Date of Shower (to print)


Back Wording


Assembly required.

*Note, if this is a Co-ed Shower, pease supply both the mom and dad's first names.

Candy Bar Wrappers (Mini) - Farm Animal Collection

These labels are self-adhesive and cover the Hershey's Miniature Chocolates.

The design completes the farm animal collection with the adorable baa-baa black sheep adorning the corner of the front of the wrapper.

Minimum 4 sets of 15 wrapper favors.


(CWM 305)




Suggested Wording:


Name of Mom's
Baby Shower
Date of Shower
Welcome Baby NAME

back is personalized with the new mom and dad:

Proud Parents-to-Be:
NAMES of Mom and Dad

Adorable Farm Animal Candy Bar Wrappers (Regular Size) Favors

$9.95/Set of 8 Wrappers
and then $1 for two personalized wrapper favors!

Name of Mom:
Name of Dad:
Is this a Co-Ed Shower?:

On the back will have
BOTH Mom and Dad's names.

On the front will have the Mom's name
OR BOTH the parents' names
IF it is a Co-Ed Shower.

Assembly required.


Candy Bar Wrappers (Regular Size) - Farm Animal Collection

These are high-gloss printing that cover regular sized Hershey's chocolate bars (NOT INCLUDED). The brown from the package compliments the green of our color palette - really adorable!

Minimum 8 wrappers and then you may order in sets of 2 after that for only $1/for 2 wrappers! Woooooahh Nelly, what a bargain!


(CWF 305)

Candy Kiss Stickers

$8.95/Set of 96 Stickers!
Now $7.95



Farm Animal Candy Kiss Collection

These stickers are so adorable! You place under candy kiss chocolates and scatter around the table for a lovely place setting just perfect for the farm animal collection!


(CKF 305)

Farm Animal Thank you Notecard and Envelope Sets

$9.95/Set of 10


Farm Animal Thank you Notecards

These Thank You Notecards are perfect for ending the celebration in the best way possible.

Not only will the Mom-to-Be have a way to thank each guest personally in the classiest way possible, but you can also have a game to play.

Hand an envelope to each guest. Have them self-address their envelope. Ask Mom-to-Be to choose one randomly. Award a prize to the winner of the chosen envelope. The mom is really the winner because she is saved writer's cramp!! Now who's the stylish hostess?

Each set comes with a Foldover Thank you Card and Envelope.

(TYC 305)


These are so cute we just can't control ourselves! We created this line of farm animal creatures for tv personality
Victoria Recaño who hosted a second shower for her sister-in-law. (We helped with her first bridal shower and took part in her own baby shower February 2009 by creating a unique line of City Block DiaperCakes for her.)


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