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Baby Shower Ideas and More! We have come up with some really cute Baby Shower Favors for you! We also have Candle Baby Shower Favors!

Gifts for the new mom and dad

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$3.95 / Box of 7



Preggie Pops

This is perfect for easing morning sickness! Gift mom with a box of these for comfort!

•Natural Ingredients
•Recommended by Healthcare Professionals
•Made from Essential Oils

Contains (7) seven lollipops in Sour Fruit Flavors: Sour Lemon, Sour Tangerine, Sour Raspberry

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You the Mom Mug

Warehouse Sale $12.95


"You the Mom" Mug

For the mom who rocks!!This mug is made of sturdy ceramic material and is absolutely precious.

4.5" h x 4.25" diameter

You the Mom Mug

(MGM 700)


Baby Shower Games • Favors • Decorations

My Dad Rules Mug

Warehouse Sale $12.95

Quantity :

"My Dad Rules" Mug

For the dad who rules!!This mug is made of sturdy ceramic material and is absolutely precious.

4.5" h x 4.25" diameter

(MGD 700)

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Baby Shower Games • Favors • Decorations

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Daddy's Tools of the Trade $34.95
$5.00 OFF NOW!!! $29.95


Daddy's Tools of the Trade™


With the increased popularity of couples' baby showers, there is always the dilemma of what to get the daddy. Worry no more... Daddy's Tools of the Trade™ Diaper Changing Tool Belt is the ideal gift, which is practical, tasteful, and useful, yet will add that touch of humor.Your new Diaper Changing Tool Belt comes stuffed with the following twelve items:

diapers • diaper cream • diaper wipes • disposable changing pad • diaper pins • hand sanitizer • disposable scented diaper bags • baby powder • goggles • nose clip • glovesThere is even a bonus toy to distract the baby while Daddy is changing the diaper. All of these are conveniently located in one manly location. With this gift, Daddy will have NO excuse not to change the diapers!Daddy's Tools of the Trade™ Diaper Changing Tool Belt comes attractively packaged in a custom gift box.

Daddy's Tools of the Trade™

(DTT 700)

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Keepsake Journal, Wire Bound - $16.95

With REBATE $14.95

Quantity :
Brother (BYA 608)
Dad (BYA 602)
Daughter (BYA 610)
Family Reunion (BYA 609)
Girl (BYA 606)
Grandma (BYA 603)
Grandpa (BYA 607)
Honey (BYA 605)
Mom (BYA 601)
Sister (BYA 604)
Son (BYA 611)

Between You and Me - Keepsake Journals

GIVING...to someone special, a book that says, "You're important to me. Please share your thoughts." RECEIVING ...from someone special, a journal filled with handwritten responses that can be cherished forever.

Choose among Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Sister, Brother, Honey, Girl and now Family Reunion, Son and Daughter! as a wonderful keepsake.

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Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit $39.95


Quantity :

Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit

An original and favorite product. Create a lasting memory of a mom's pregnancy in just 30 minutes. Making a pregnancy belly cast using our kit is an easy craft. There is no mixing of messy materials and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom's beautiful pregnant form! Read more!

Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit
(BCK 700)


Belly Painting Kit $29.95

Quantity :

Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

Turn your pregnant belly into a work of art! Our kit contains professional water-based paints that are easy to apply and remove. This is a great activity to do with younger children who may not be old enough to help make a belly cast.

Read more!

Belly Painting Kit
(BCK 701)

Baby Shower Games • Favors • Decorations

Henna Art Kit $36.95

Quantity :


Pregnancy Fresh Henna Art Kit

Natural ingredients to create over 75 beautiful temporary henna designs.

Our kit contains no chemicals, no nut products and no preservatives. Makes a wonderful shower or blessingway activity.

Read more!

Henna Art Kit (BHK 702)

(20) Tummy Tattoos $7.95



Henna Belly Tattoos!!

TUMMY TATTs are temporary pregnancy tattoos. They apply in seconds, last for days and look great! Our TUMMY TATTsare made with the finest FDA approved inks and are non-toxic and safe to use. They are easy to apply and remove.

Set of 20 stylish tummy tattoos created especially for use by expecting moms. Each tattoo has an approximate diameter of 2 inches.

Tattoos (TTO 700)

Journal $24.95

Quantity :


Butterflies & Hiccups:
A Guided Pregnancy Journal for the Mom-to-Be

Butterflies & Hiccups, a 180-page journal, beautifully illustrates the miracle of pregnancy with such grace and charm. Each month contains thought-provoking questions that prompts the new mother-to-be (and father!) to capture the most important moments of pregnancy. Read more!

(JBH 600)


Baby Shower Games • Favors • Decorations

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"It's a race every morning to the calendar to turn the page. We absolutely love it... We've recommended it to numerous people." - Mike P.

Countdown to a Miracle - Pregnancy Calendar $16.95

Quantity :

Countdown to a Miracle:
The Making of Me (2nd Edition)

Don't miss a minute of the miracle! Experience pregnancy from your baby’s point of view!

What’s happening with your baby today? Find out with this unique pregnancy countdown calendar. Let your baby guide you through every day of his amazing nine - month journey from conception to birth.You will discover:
• When your baby reaches the length & weight of a hot dog roll
• Exactly when your baby’s heart begins to beat; when her eyes open;
and 278 more developmental facts from conception to birth
• How many days remain until your due date

The 2nd edition now includes:

• FREE stickers to mark baby's first kick, hiccups, and other memorable pregnancy events
• Plenty of room to write notes and thoughts
• A reusable gift or storage box
• Convenient spiral binding with a stand-up easel for easy viewing

The perfect gift for every mom-to-be!

Wouldn't grandma like her own copy to follow her grandchild's development? Order two copies!

(PCL 300)

Beautiful Shea Butter $17.95


Natural (GSB 600)
Love Spell (GSB 601)
Cucumber & Aloe (GSB 604)
Mango (GSB 605)
Lavender Peppermint (GSB 606)


Personally tested and love these gifts!

Shea Butter


Pure Shea Butter, rich in vitamins A and E and has amazing benefits such as
• Moisturizing for stretch marks
• Great for nursing mothers
• Wonderful for diaper rash, bed sores and skin wounds, and the following

• Moisturizes severely dry and damaged skin • Helps to protect from the harsh elements, such as wind, sun, and cold weather • For use on all skin conditions • Excellent for eczema and psoriasis • Helps to heal cracked heels • Wonderful for cracked cuticles and hands • Stops peeling due to sunburn • May help to reduce wrinkles • Helps to heal and soothes itchy and irritated skin • Soothes insect bites and poison ivy • Helps to heal cold sores • Soothes burns • Soothes and heals after shaving or waxing (with no stinging) • Adds moisture to dry, brittle hair • Helps to repair and may prevent split ends • Helps to protect hair from damaging sun rays, extreme heat, and chemicals • Use to protect your hair from damaging chlorine before and after swimming • Helps to maintain hair’s natural shine

Your choice among several scents: Natural (perfect for a baby's bottom), Love Spell, Mango, Lavender Peppermint, and Cucumber & Aloe

4 oz. of pure shea butter makes a great hostess gift, gift for the new mom or prizes for game winners.

Create your own wording or use ours:

Card reads:
I want to offer these
in case you find use for them.
I’m only (age of baby) old and
don’t know any better.
~(Name of your baby)

$12.95 / Set of 8

Personalized Notecard with
Boxed Set of Ear Plugs - Set of 8

Quantity :
Use our wording
Age of baby :
Name of Baby :
Optional Wording :

New Mom and Dad "Apology" Notecards


This is a fun and practical way to introduce your cute little baby to new people in crowded places. These notecards can be taken anywhere with you. Place a pre-packaged notecard with ear plugs on the seat of the stranger (i.e., new friend). You will strike up conversation and open doors that normally wouldn't be opened.

Set of (8) Personalized Notecards with
8 Boxed Sets of Ear Plugs

(EPG 900)

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GIFTS • GIFTS • GIFTS . . . . . Gifts for the new baby and older sibling

Great Gift Idea for Big Brother or Big Sister!



Wooden Hangers FOR NEW BABY!


Lunch Plate GIFT SETS