Presidential Greeting for Newborn Babies

Directly from the White House Greeting office,
The President of the United States will send a personal note,
at no cost, welcoming American newborn babies* into the world.

Simply submit your request to receive one by mail, at least three months prior to your event, to:

White House Greetings
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Alternatively, you may email your US Senator or Representative or fax your request to (202) 456-2461.

There is no guarantee of prompt delivery time for your "gift" (as let's face it folks, this is a government run office plus, this historic administration is overwhelmed with requests for Presidential Greetings as one can imagine.) As I say:
Plan, Prepare so we can Party!!!

So, get your request in the mail now my friends!!! Wahoo! What a great keepsake for Baby-to-Be!

*Other greetings that our President and White House Greeting office will offer up are for
• retirees from the same job after thirty years of duty
• weddings (must be married already)
• religious occasions like Bat / Bar Mitzvah
• anniversary for long time couples starting at the 50th wedding anniversary celebrations.
If your daughter or son happen to receive an eagle scout or girl scout gold award, they are eligible to receive a special letter from the President of our United State of America as well.

What to Include:
Name of new baby and date of birth (for births)
Name of new married couple and current/new addresses (for new marriages)
Address information (postal mail) to be mailed the letter
Complete information about special occasion (birth, wedding anniversary, what year, etc.)
If you are not the honoree, what is your information and how can you be reached? Phone/Address, etc.

Because we don't know when babies are born, even when planned C-sections happen, an idea may be to purchase a gift certificate toward the purchase of a frame or a lovely scrapbook in which the birth greeting will be kept. Typically these documents are 8x10

Remember, this is a free service compliments of the United States of America.



updated 4.4.11